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If you’ve been playing Mobile Legends, you already know that it’s a fun game with lots of features and customization choices. For this ML game, we have discussed a ton of hacks and cheat techniques. But unlike all the others, our Scynix Dias Generator app is unique. This injector also comes with a password.

As you are aware, in ML Legends, you may access specific things. There are two groups into which these things fall. One is provided free of charge, while the other requires diamonds that you may get by winning games. Each injector and hack tool we have seen so far has only had a single type of operating mode. You could only utilize the gaming goods that they gave you. However, this injector doesn’t provide you with any in-game items or anything like that.

You will receive free, limitless diamonds for the game by utilizing this software. These gems are extremely hard to get. Additionally, you need diamonds for yourself in order to purchase the items. So you should try this software if you want infinite gems. Since most hack tools don’t contain all the game stuff you require, you may purchase anything from the game store with one diamond. So you may purchase everything from the game shop utilizing diamonds using this Scynix Dias Generator Apk option.

What is Scynix Dias Generator?

As was said before, you may use this software to gain free, limitless game diamonds. You must first input your game ID and then your ML server ID in order to use this Scynix Dias Generator. Once you have completed these steps, you must input the desired quantity of points and diamonds. Finally, in order to obtain all of the game’s stuff, you must click the inject button.

The points you may earn in addition to diamonds are what I neglected to mention previously. The unlocking of each item is determined by points. Various items become available as you go through the levels. You must buy these things once they are unlocked. In other words, you first need points to unlock them, and then you need diamonds to buy them.

Features of Scynix Dias Generator

The following section lists the characteristics of the Scynix Dias Generator.

Get ML Points

Your level in the Mobile Legends game is determined by your points. They are employed to raise a player’s level, and as a consequence, many things that are locked because of a player’s low level are made available. After every game, points are awarded. However, if you want them quickly and in large quantities, you may utilize this injector APK, which will give you free, limitless game points.

Unlimited Diamonds

The next stage is to utilize the available diamonds to buy the things in the store once they have been unlocked with the points. Diamonds can also be utilized for other purposes, such as enhancements and accelerating events. Therefore, you may use this app and enter the number of diamonds you want for your mobile device, and the application will give you that many diamonds.


With this application, you won’t have to worry about accidentally putting yourself in a position where the creators will ban your account since it employs anti-ban technology to protect your account while you use the hacking tool. For this, you can also use NC Injector.

How to Use Scynix Dias Generator?

You won’t be able to find it in the Google Play store, like many other apps. You must go the website and click the download link to achieve this. Hold off till the server is ready. You will now have a Scynix DIAS Generator in your gadget.

  • But you must take the following actions in order to install it and make it work.
  • To begin with, install by going to your phone’s settings.
  • Find the option to “allow installation from unknown source” and click it.
  • Now locate the Scynix DIAS file in your file manager.
  • After locating the file click it.Once you have one, click on the install button.


The exorbitant cost of the various materials in Mobile Legends is the primary justification for adopting such tools. However, most players don’t willing to invest in this premium content for whatever reason. As a result, they choose to use hacking tools, such as the Scynix Dias Generator, to create virtual currency. They do succeed in achieving their objective. However, the game forbids such conduct. Officials of the MLBB lose the money they make from the sale of skins, characters, BGs, and other items. If you don’t think about this and still want to apply for the job, click on the link above straight away.

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September 6, 2022