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ML Injector Pro APK is the most advanced tool to play this MOBA game Mobile Legends – Bang! Bang! It’s a direct rival with Aneh Gaming Injector and MLUAS apps. The principal focus of these applications is unlocking the skins of the best and most well-known characters. You may have heard about it. Right? This is a typical point that operates in the same way since the creators of the app are close friends.

They share the code with each other and collaborate occasionally when they attempt to resolve a problem. This is why the components that are in these injector apps have a lot in common, but this isn’t the case in all situations, particularly with regard to this particular ML Injector APK tool. This application comes with amazing features that aren’t found in other tools and are a bit distinct in its features.

You can go through the entire listing of options on this page, along with a complete explanation. Mobile Legends is the most enjoyable game, and it has a large number of fans to keep the players playing in the game in real-time. MOBA games feature a five-versus-five multiplayer feature and include a range of players that can be controlled by the user. There are a variety of skins that can be utilized to enhance appearance and also improve technical abilities.

Being a huge fan of the mobile legends I’d rather use this Ngulik ML Injector over the other patchers available. It has a wide range of choices and comes into one application, you should try it today!

What is Ngulik the ML Injector Pro APK?

Ngulik ML Injector Pro APK is an android utility program to provide the necessary features to players of Mobile Legends. The list of features includes Skins for Heroes and Drone Map which can be up to 7x. visual tweaks, such as analog backgrounds of the lobby, the effects of the battel killing, as well as remember. Actually, these modify the game’s current version locally, which means that you won’t have to worry about bans as it works only within the local files.

The app’s creator is Bahrain Kemal. He is managing a YouTube channel titled Ngulik Mobile Legends, where he offers tricks and tips, game reviews, and others. A must-subscribe channel for those who are an avid fans of ML games. We also share scripts, updates to the Ml Injector, and a list of the latest features only.

We manage the cloud server to provide skins and other files. This is why our application size is small as compared to other similar apps for patching. Of course, you’ll need an internet connection to run the application and the standard internet speed is sufficient to download the content you desire.

Download the latest ML Injector Pro APK Version for mobile Legends

If you’re looking for an official Injector ML APK for Android, come on over to the official website where you will only be able to find updated versions directly from the designer (Bahrain Kemal). Since we’re connected to the developer the site will update shortly when the app is released.

It’s a completely free app that is accessible to everyone, and there aren’t any restrictions on it. You can download the most recent version on this page.

There is no password

In the meantime, there have been security enhancements from the perspective of the Mobile Legends team to maintain the existing security features. It’s up to us to defy them and to make the Ngulik ML Injector work with the changes they have made.

We have upgraded our app to fix bugs.

Also, updates are inevitable.

A list of skins that you can get

We have unlocked EPIC, Special, Star, Lightborn, Zodiac, and Legend along with Elite costumes. Find the complete list below and more are expected to be released soon.

Map Drone View

This option is a way to bypass a default maps view when playing and will help you get quick kills. There are 6 distinct choices (1.5x 2, 2x 3x, 4x 5x, 6x, and 7x) that are available within the Ngulik ML Injector application that you can scale. Select one of them prior to beginning to open your Mobile Legends to obtain the desired display.

For instance, 7x is that the view default to you is multiplied seven times. It’s huge enough to move around half the map and be aware of enemies coming toward you. A player can view two lanes simultaneously in traditional mode.

Fortunately, we can reverse the changes we made using the ML Injector Tool. Click on the Backup/Normal button to go returning to the default view of the drone. It is possible to use this feature in case you’re not comfortable with the adjustment.

Drone View to Brawl

There is a different option in the Brawl mode that has one line. This is where you can view the entire line when you activate the Drone View for Brawl features.

Small in size

In contrast to other apps (generally we’ll call it MLUAS), It did not save skin data within the application. It downloads content from its servers whenever users make a request. This is the reason Ngulik ML Injector can be described as of the smallest size in comparison to other tools of the same type.

It is small in size and does not use up much of the resources from your Android device. The best app to play Mobile Legends from Bahrain Kemal.


I would like to implement some additional features on the list. Read on to learn more.

  • Does not contain sensitive information It doesn’t require you to share sensitive information such as location permissions. it just needs your storage permissions to modify the files of Mobile Legends.
  • Skins These are classified by hero types such as Assassin Marksman, Fighter Mage, Tank, and Support.
  • Analog Style – You can assign different styles for the analog format if you’re bored of the default styles.
  • Change Background Change Background Changes the backgrounds of the loading screens lobby, and the loading battle.
  • Battle kills that affect battles unlock the effects of an attack.
  • Effect Recall Effect Recall You can alter the effect whenever you recall.
  • A Simple User Interface Sure, ML Injector is an easy application, and everything is available on the same screen.
  • No ads There aren’t any ads on the app and you are able to use it at no cost. One small suggestion is the possibility of registering on my channel on YouTube.

Final Words

ML Injector Pro APK has been designed as an all-purpose application that comes with interesting features, such as Drone Map View, Premium Skins, and many other modifications. This application saves you money since you do not have to spend money on diamonds to purchase costumes for the characters of your choice. It is important to note that Character is required to be unlocked if you intend to use skins.

It’s not similar to the IMLS application that creates an environment virtual to run Mobile Legends. Mobile Legends game. I hope you understand.

A small and fast app. Very fast and small. Try it today.

Additional Information

September 2, 2022