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V7.7 Part 86

For Mobile Legends Bang Bang, the BMT Reborn 2022 ML Injector provides premium features that enhance gameplay. You may defeat your opponents and win games with ease by utilizing this injector. The injector application is quite simple to utilize, and you never know how much it will aid you. It provides you with a wealth of game options, which are what ultimately get a player where they want to go.

The appeal of the BMT Reborn injector application is that it frees you from having to make significant outlays of money in order to purchase expensive goods from stores. Furthermore, any Android smartphone can operate smoothly, so you don’t require high-end phones. There are other qualities of this excellent application, but it is hard to list them all.

A new ML Skin Injector Part 86 for Android handsets is called BMT Reborn. Reborn IMoba and New IMoba 2022 are other names for it. Chou Skin and more appealing gaming hero skins are available in this ML Skin Injector tool. You may personalize your ML Characters and Gameplay by changing the background picture, the hero skin, and the greatest combat emotes for nothing. You may now use our website to get the APK File for free.

What is BMT Reborn Injector?

It is a known fact that those who play MLBB once never completely shake it. A die-hard admirer of it is made by its outstanding visuals, practical features, and perfection in all areas. However, gamers eventually found themselves powerless and stranded since the premium resources that enable players to become powerful and competent are locked.

If you pay the required sum in exchange for them, you can unlock them. BMT Reborn 2022 ML Injector, however, is something different. With only one click, you may access all premium resources and improve your capabilities. Additionally, it is incredibly simple and comfortable to use.

Fans enjoy this ML Injector, and they are making great strides in the game. You’ll love the most recent updates, though. You need the additions of Menu Skin to Skin, Skin Custom, and Effects.

Features of BMT Reborn Injector

There are four categories in which you may find all the Features. So let’s examine each of them individually.

Drone View

The ranges of a drone camera are 2, 3, 4, and 5. Additionally, it features options for Tablet View and Drone & Tablet Backup.

Unlock All Skins

The latest edition of BMT Reborn Injector is filled with free ML Skins for ML characters. It now has two additional categories, each with several skins. A huge variety of ML Skins are currently offered under the aegis of these four divisions.

  • MLB All Skin
  • Every Skin Painted
  • Improved Skin
  • Skin Custom/Anime

Recall Effects

On the other hand, Battle Effects are far more than you may anticipate. You have the following choices in this section.

  • +42 Recalls
  • 1o+ Respawn
  • 12+ Limitation
  • The notification will shortly arrive.

Some Major Features of BMT Reborn Injector

  • It is a trustworthy gadget that continues to work even after a considerable amount of time.
  • More and more updates are honing it over time.
  • It is intriguing since it is free to access and has an easy user interface.
  • password-free and ad-freeThe UI in blue and white are lovely and enticing.
  • It only works with Android versions 8 through 10.
  • It is simple to use and set up.
  • There are absolutely no premium costs.


Install the BMT Reborn Injector right after uninstalling the old version. The great tips mentioned above are all easy to use. You may download and insert each of these items into the game. It won’t take long to enhance not only the ML Heroes but also other game elements.

Additional Information

September 9, 2022